You know one of the times in life you sit down, look around and feel completely blessed. I had one of them. I may just have the most lovely friends in the world, and your about to find out why...

I arrived home late in the afternoon to a note on my bed. Inside started a whole string of amazing surprises. The letter led me into the kitchen were Lois and Lucie sat waiting for me to pop a balloon telling me to get on my heels because we were going out for Lucie and I' engagement.

I sat against the wall saying "Guys, I don't like surprises, whats going on?"...LIES, I love them!

There was a lot of squealing and a few hugs before we dashed off to our rooms, blasted out Taylor Swift (who we are completely obsessed with right now) and grabbed our heels.

The two of us...engaged and smiling from ear to ear! Isn't Lucie adorable? You can follow her here at Juicy Lucie Foods for delicious, nutritious and scrummy meals. I've tried them and I can tell you they are goooood! The pancakes are a personal favourite!


And, ye-know, a few selfies before I left for dinner...

We arrived at Montpeliers in Bruntsfield with its cute fairylights and candlelit tables. I would definitely go here if you are looking for a buzzing restaurant with packed tables and happy customers. It is locally sourced food with artisan flavors throughout. A great place for friends to chatter all night long with smiling staff.

Aren't they adorable??

For my starter I treated myself to a roasted butternut squash, goats cheese and pine nut salad with a mustard dressing. I am a complete cheese lover, I will eat it with pretty much anything and the topping of pine nuts was just divine.

The others had lovely smoked haddock and dill fishcakes with a homemade tarter sauce which had all the girls ooh-ing and ahh-ing over.

Then once I saw 'Orkney beef burger, melted scottish chedder, fries and tomato chutney' on the menu, there was no other choice. Burgers win the battle every single time. If there is meat, I will be there!!

It did not disappoint either. Everyone fell silent as we all treated ourselves to the delicious burger with salty fries and gorgeously tangy chutney. 

I just want one...more...bite...

Lois, Rachel and Jules all drove off saying they would be back to collect us in 10 minutes. We thought this was the end of our night, but the cuteness doubled in a dessert table at home with cake, cake, and some more cake.

Sashes were wrapped around us whilst we smiled over how wonderful our friends are once more.

We enjoyed our desserts over a cup of tea and laughter. I said a little speech and the night ended in praise for these gorgeous girls!!

It is a huge blessing to look around and ladies like this surround me in love for my engagement. They make it all the more exciting when celebrating how crazy and wonderful life can be.

Good food, a shiny ring and faces like this...

Yeah I know, blessed beyond belief!

Thank you for everything you have done for me girls, Lucie and I are in wonder at your grace and love for both of us. Cheers to being engaged, finding the men who we love with our whole heart and good food to celebrate with!

Lots of love, your brides-to-be xx

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