Morning Market Stroll

Yay! My first blogpost with the name "brightredwellies". Hope ya'll like it!

Now where do I begin...

A few Saturday's ago I had a date with my hubby-to-be and my best friend Lois. They are two of the loveliest people to ever spend your Saturday with. Or any day for that matter.

Before I begin telling you what we did with ourselves, let me tell you how I dressed myself.

Jack wills jumper (last  years season) but here is one similar // Jack Wills shirt (quite a few seasons ago)...I couldn't find anything similar in store but I like this one // Dorothy perkins pearls (also last season) // Jack Wills jeans  // Asos boots // Jack Wills Wax coat (last years season) so similar coat and similar colour

We decided a lovely (not raining) day deserved some time at the Grassmarket Saturday Market. It has all sorts of goodies to find. So if you are in the area on a Saturday (10am-5pm).

Here it is all locally grown, fresh produce with organic vegetables, artisan breads, and fresh goodies for everyone.
They have freshly cooked street food, treats for those of you who have a sweet tooth and crafts and gifts from all the locals. 

Its a small market but it sure packs a punch.

We all decided 'Orinoco' was the place to eat. I never really have latin american food, but the corn bread was calling me from afar. 

You are able to see them make, cook and serve the food right in front of your eyes which I adore.

I went for pulled chicken and chucked on some hot sauce and guacamole to finish.

I loved it so much. Cheap, wholesome, fresh food is always the best. I was surprisingly full after it as well. 

We had a stroll around the stalls to see what was on offer. I have to come back for some gorgeous looking fresh fruit and vegetables for cooking. 

But the macaroons were what my heart really desired. I love macaroons but consider them a rare treat. I have been here a few times before; they are called Madame Macaroon. 

With pistachio, vanilla, earl grey and sea salt in my pocket, I skipped away in glee.

Lastly I stopped off with a charming scottish  for some sweet pototo slice thing topped with lots of goodness. I liked the spice of it but not sure I would get it again. However, the cook offered us his best Northern Irish accent which amused us all.

Now on this market extragavanza, we needed some sugar in our system. Thats when we turned straight into Mary's Milk Bar, one of my favouirte places in Edinburgh which I have blogged about before and will do again!!

Now come on, are you telling me you could resist sea salt caramel and peanut caramel banana gelato?? Yeah thought so because it unreal!

She has been making gelato with a bakery recently and come up with sourdough bread and croissant gelatos which I desperately want to try.

Andrew went for a milk milkshake. Sounds plainer than plain but actually quite nice and refreshing.

Lois got a pistachio milkshake (I think) which brought smiles to all of our faces.

I love having my best friends around Andrew so everyone gets along very well. It makes it a perfect morning for laughter and catching up.
Sure I went out for dinner with Lois and her fiance the night after they got engaged...yeah we are close!!

 That night Andrew and I headed off to a friends engagement party. I didn't take pictures of it sadly but I took a few snaps of my outfit (kinda).

My lovely jersery tube skirt from New Look // Floaty white blouse from New Look too which I can't seem to find online but its a new purchase so have a look for it. It has lovely shoulder designs if that helps!!

Saturdays were made for lazing, laughing and food. Gotta chuck a selfie in there too.

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