Where have I been?

Hey everyone!

Yes I know, its long lost me! At the end of July I decided to stop my blog. Well not really stop to be honest. I was on a placement with no internet access for a month then life got busy at home...and boom, its October! Then I started to think, is the blog really worth it? Do I want to keep this up or should I just let it go? So I did.

But, lately my fingers have been itching to type. I love doing this for me. I love taking pictures and writing about my life. Its wonderful! I told myself when I started the blog that I was doing it for me, to make me realise how blessed I am and how not be scared of doing something new. That was left behind for a while, but now I'm back baby!!!

However, I feel a name change is in order. I've now said YES to being the wife of a lovely farmer, so I won't be in Edinburgh forever, so 'edinburghlover' seems a little pointless and irrelevant once I move back. 

So let me think of a new name and I will get back to you all in a couple of days...unless you have any ideas, of which I would greatly appreciate!

Over and out...for now! xx

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