Timeless Truth Beauty Mask

It's that time of year again for us students...the late study nights, the tons of coffee and break outs with stress!

My skin can be cranky at the best of times, but exams really do bring out the worst. So to try and combat the pimples, I try to come home after the library a couple of times a week and put on a face mask.

Beauty Masks were kind enough to send me some lovely Timeless Truth - Facial Sheet Masks to help me on my way. 

They are fusion masks, which are fabric and 'face-shaped' to set on easily. They have dehydrated products which are then packed with serum. This freeze-dried powder is released onto the skin once the mask is applied.

The 2 masks I have are:

The Green Tea Phenol Soothing Mask - it has natural extracts of green tea, aloe vera, and chamomile. It is used for both anti-aging and uneven skin tone and texture. It helps minimise pores, fortify the skin through oxidation, and regulating oily secretions.

Herbal Rejuvenation Immortelle Mask -This is made using organic immortelle extract with hylauronic acid. It helps reduce fine lines and visible signs of aging...which hopefully I don't need yet. But for me, it helps nourish, hydrate, and stimulate the skin which helps reduce blemishes . It even helps boost cellular activity leaving the tissue more toned.

So what do you do for velvety, silky, fresh skin I hear you cry?

Rip open your sachet - but watch out as there is a quite a bit of excess serum. You can leave this excess in the sachet and use it again - either on other areas of your body or pop it in the fridge to use a couple of days later.

Now do you want a refreshing mask in the morning? Pop it in the fridge overnight before using.
If you want soothing and pampering - place it in warm water for 5 minutes before use.


 Firstly, cleanse your face of all makeup and impurities.

Then open the sachet and remove the plastic film.

 Place the mask on your face, starting from the chin up (I made that mistake). Put the darker side on your face. Well done - you now look like a beauty monster. Go scare your flatmates with your green face! I took pictures of the face mask on - but I do not look attractive and no one wants to see that!
Leave it on for 15-20 minutes.
Gently massage the remaining essence into the skin so you get every drop of goodness.
You can use it 3-4 times a week if your feeling generous.

So what did I actually think?

I used this product when my skin was inflamed and especially spotty last week. I was skeptical in case it made my skin worse but I had a ball to go to, so I was desperate.
And you know what - I love it! It was so soothing for my skin and brought down the redness by the next morning. I'm not saying it removed the acne, as you would have to be consistent for it to work, but it definitely helped as a quick-fix.
I am saving the 2nd one for my exam weeks, so I can take a moment relaxing with some candles and a cup of tea. The library air hates my skin, so it is going to be amazing to have this up my sleeve.
So how can we actually help our skin survive these stressful weeks and months:
Tip 1: STOP touching your face. I mean it - STOP. You probably don't realise how much you do this, I sure didn't. So every time you go to rub your face, slowly put your hand back down. Your touching library keyboards with all sorts on it. Your face doesn't need that.
Tip 2: Drink more water. It's simple, straightforward and much needed. Grab a water bottle and put it on your desk - you will be surprised how often you reach for it. It keeps you hydrated, alert and your skin very happy.  

Tip 3: Do you have spots on your cheeks? Try wiping down your phone daily with some alcohol wipes and you'll notice a massive difference. Think of everything your phone touches every day with tables, sofas, pockets! Yuck!

Tip 4: Use this time away from your normal social life to try and go without makeup more often. Let your skin breathe, even for a day. I find this quite tough as I love my foundations and BB creams, but sometimes your skin needs a rest too.

Tip 5: No matter how long your revision hours have been - always get your 8 hours of beauty sleep. I struggle with this because I love revising late, but I am slowly trying to get myself up into a normal routine which I can stick to.

Lastly, Tip 6: Take your makeup OFF before bed. Your skin loves to breathe. Even put your makeup wipes on your pillow in the morning so you won't forget. Mind you, I don't always recommend makeup wipes, they don't like my skin. I love using a good facial cleanser - sometimes twice to get my skin squeaky clean. Get into this routine and you will never look back. I am using the Boots own brand Tree Tree and Witch Hazel Charcoal Facial Cleanser right now - it really gets the makeup off and leaves my skin so fresh.

Happy revising people...summer is nearly here!
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