Masquerade Ball

So it has been a few weeks - heeeeey *waves*.

Exams are finito and I am free as a bird for a while to enjoy the beginning of summer. However, we have a lot of catching up to do.

A few weeks ago I went to my University's Grand Ball. If you follow me on Instagram you will have already seen plenty of pictures, but I wanted to show you it all in a blog post. 

It is a great way to end the University Society and Sports year - everyone gets dressed up in their finest, eats a great meal and dances the night away. Some a little more sober than others. I've mentioned before that I don't drink or go out, so it is always interesting watching these nights unfold - tehee!

It was best of all - a masquerade ball - so there was no way I was missing out.

I used my Sleep-In Rollers for my hair to give it a good bounce. The only thing is I didn't sleep in them. Just a self blow-dry and put them in my hair for around 4 hours with A LOT of hair spray. 

I don't really like my hair fully curly, or in an up-do, I just love big and soft curls falling over my shoulder. This definitely achieved that. However, if you feel like sleeping in an extremely uncomfortable position all night with a sore neck in the morning - be my guest and wear them overnight!

Here are the results:

I just love getting dressed up with my besties. The Christian Girls are some of the sweetest, loveliest people I know. They have such a huge heart for people and all looked amaaaazing on the night.

Lucy told me off for taking too many selfies, hehe!

But hold on Lucy, there are many more to come.

Lucy was dressed up in the most beautiful Gatsby style dress with her matching 1920's hairdo. She honestly looked like she could have been in the book. 

Outside was buzzing with different taxis arriving with men in suits and ladies in heels. All wearing glittery masks to match. 

I got some pictures with my two flatmates who looked UNREAL. Literally could not have looked more beautiful. 

Lucie was wearing a self-confessed "iron-bru" Ted Baker number and Lois was wearing a vintage velvet dress. Both were just stunning. 

Poised. As always.

Let's take a closer look at these beauties...

That red lipstick with the gold mask - mmhmm! You can find her glittering gold mask here.

Then Lucie - just wow. She can really pull off that bright number with her blonde-bombshell look. I just loved it. You can find her mask here.

I wore a simple black dress. Nothing too fancy. You can find it on Missguided here 

My shoes are New Look (similar here) and you can find my mask here

Can I just say that my shoes were beyond comfy. Instead of limping home with sore feet I could not wait to get off, these were medium hight and kept my dancing going all night.

Happy feet = Happy Jess!

The actual ball was a secret garden filled with leaves, birdcages and fairy lights. 

We giggled, caught up and watched the award ceremony unfold with good food. 

Lucie even won an award - YAY! She has been such an inspiration in the CU and I can't wait to see where life leads her in the future. 

The girls at CU are all so inspiring with their stories, lives and great fun.

We danced the night away to (I must admit) a not-so-great DJ. The band were great, but the DJ would not shut up during the songs, meaning we couldn't just dance to our favourites. He swore a lot and kept slagging of people, but it didn't get in the way of our fun.

It is sad to see the end of another year of uni. Time is flying by so quickly. I am glad to have some time off now for a while and return home, but goodness, these really are the good days!

Thank you everyone for making my night so fantastic, you all looked breathtaking! Bring on final year!!
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