Lioness of Leith

For a lot of us, Sunday's eating habits are about sitting around a massive roast with family. It is something I desperately miss when I am away. I love coming home from church and filling up with stuffing, roast chicken, and usually a cheesecake of some sort. 

Sunday's in Edinburgh revolve more around burgers and Nando's. Don't get me wrong, I love it but a homely meal is needed every once in a while.

This is why I am showing you my new favourite Sunday Lunch joint. The Lioness of Leith.

It is quirky and delicious - need I say more?

For your roast, you can choose between a 1/2 or a whole chicken. For the 5 of us, we went for one and a half roast chickens which was perfect. 

You can choose between Yorkshire puddings, honey roasted carrots and parsnips, rosemary and garlic roasties, peas, and other scrummy things. We pretty much ordered them all!

Their beautiful blue china is gorgeous and gives the place a real country feel.

Lucie ordered a kiwi cocktail to celebrate the summer sunshine breaking through the clouds!

A little tip - if you are going for Sunday lunch, I recommend bringing a group of people. It means you can nibble on all the side dishes without having to compromise, or else it would be quite pricey.

And here we go. The feast that fills every person to the brim on a Sunday. 

I cannot describe how delicious everything was. The roast chicken was so juicy and crispy on the outside. The smell of it made all of us crave even more.

The plates kept coming until our table was filled in every corner. The vegetables in their honey roast went down a treat with everyone. The roast potatoes were a personal favourite with the steam drifting up as we dug in.

Our Juicy Lucie took the honour of carving our bird for everyone. She is the only one we trust to take on such a task - the rest of us could never be trusted with a knife!

I can not recommend this place enough. The staff were great and the food was a real crowd pleaser. It wasn't too busy which was nice, but I'm not sure if that is true for most weekends as it seems pretty popular.

Grab your friends and head along some weekend for home comforts and a fully belly that will bring you on to Monday morning!

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